Service Stations

Buying a service station (or a former service station site) raises a number of legal issues above and beyond those that you find in a normal property or business acquisition.

The main concern will be to perform full due diligence to understand any historic liabilities.

There will be the usual due diligence (that you normally need to undertake when buying a property or a business).
However, there will also be additional items to consider – such as whether there is any soil or other environmental contamination, and whether any equipment or fuel tanks are in good condition and safe.
Also, if you are planning on operating the site as a service station, you will need to consider the regulations that will apply. You might also be planning to operate the site as part of a franchise, in which case there will be additional documents to consider and negotiate.

The team at Holcroft Lawyers can assist you with all the steps involved in purchasing a service station site – contact us today to see how we can help you.
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