Subdivisions and Strata Title

Title plans are an essential part of property law. The title plan for your property shows the shape and dimensions of your land, based on a survey, and is registered at Land Use Victoria.

Often a large parcel of land (sometimes referred to as the parent title/s) is divided into smaller lots. The process of getting approval and registering the survey plan at Land Use Victoria is called a subdivision.

Lawyers often say that, as a property owner, you own everything to the centre of the earth and everything above the land shown in the title plan. But it is not only land that can be subdivided.
A strata title is effectively the result of subdividing the space above the land, such as happens in an apartment in a high-rise building. Even the airspace above a building can be subdivided and owned by a person that is not the owner of the land, or the building.

If you are looking for help with the process to subdivide your property, or have questions about strata title, please contact our dedicated property law team.
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